Different ways to use CBD oil

We understand that in our daily lives routine and consistency is important, which is why we've compiled a mini-guide on some ways you can incorporate taking CBD into your daily routine to hopefully help you find a method that's easiest for your specific needs. Our recommendation for the most effective way to take our CBD oils is to digest it orally.


Having said that, there are more than a few ways to do this together with placing it under your tongue. 


4 different ways to take CBD oil:


Smoothies - we know that not everybody loves the taste of CBD oil and the easiest way to mask the flavour of CBD is to add it to your smoothies. Simply add your desired dosage to your fruity morning smoothie to get your daily dose of CBD!​

Salad dressings - If smoothies aren't your thing - fret not - we've got an alternative for you. Mixing in some of our CBD oil into your favourite salad dressing is easy on the go and can be made in advance too.​

Morning coffee. A common and effective way that many people use CBD is just by adding a few drops into your morning coffee. CBD and caffeine may seem like a paradoxical combination, but both substances have can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bulletproof coffees are also a big trend in the health & wellbeing scene at the moment and they pair extremely well with CBD oil. The concept of bulletproof coffee is really quite straightforward: you add healthy oil to your organic coffee and throw it in the blender. The outcome? A super frothy and satiating drink that will fuel you for hours. ​
Daily moisturizer - There are so many skincare products on the market that makes figuring out what's right for your skin a trickier task than it needs to be. Your skin has the ability to absorb whatever you put on it, but applying your CBD oil topically means it will not enter the bloodstream - so this method is best used for people with isolated muscle pain, or to soothe skin issues. ​
We hope that this guide has inspired you to try one of these methods to incorporate CBD oil into your everyday routine. Exploring how CBD can fit into your routine doesn't need to be a daunting or tedious task, so we hope we've managed to break it down for you on how to integrate it into your everyday habits.
As always, don't go overboard with the dosage at the beginning, start sparingly at first and slowly increase your dosage as you see fit.
Live Life Lucid!


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