How to use a CBD tincture guide

If you have an interest in CBD products, and want to know how to correctly use a CBD tincture, Lucid Hemp has you covered. In this guide, we will show you step by step how you can get the most out of your CBD oil and give you a few pointers that you may not have known about before, and the most common mistakes people make when using a CBD tincture.


Irrespective of whether you are a new user to CBD or an experienced veteran, every CBD user will have to use a CBD tincture. Before we look into how you use a CBD tincture, we need to look at the basic elements that are involved. A tincture consists of two components - the bottle and the dropper. The bottle will contain your CBD product, and the stopper is the instrument you use to take the CBD out of the bottle. The stopper has a seemingly simple mechanism: simply press the rubber top together and the stopper will draw in the CBD into the glass holder. However, things are a little more thought if you want to make the most out of your CBD products.

Take care:

The first mistake people make when using a CBD tincture is that they draw too much CBD and do not use the stopper properly. CBD bottles are small, but don’t let the size of the bottle fool you.

Especially at higher strengths, the CBD oil you take will be more than adequate for your daily CBD needs.

To highlight this point, we’ve included a table of our own premium CBD products to show how much CBD you receive per drop:



Amount of CBD (per drop)



1.25mg per drop



2.08mg per drop



4.16mg per drop



6.25mg per drop


The Guide:

Without further ado, here is the step by step guide to using your CBD tincture properly.

  1. Lightly shake the bottle - By doing this you will ensure that your premium CBD is evenly distributed, meaning that the amounts of CBD per drop will be accurate.
  2. Fill up the stopper - This is the only point where you should squeeze the rubber top with a measurable amount of pressure, so when you bring out the stopper it should be filled to the brim with golden CBD.
  3. Apply very light pressure to the stopper - If you do a test drop you will see that a light application of pressure to the CBD stopper will yield a nice, rounded drop of CBD after a second or two - this is what one drop of CBD looks like; it may seem less than you were anticipating,
  4. Test drive a few drops - In order to successfully draw out a proper drop of CBD, you may need to make a few tester drops beforehand, but don’t worry! If you put them back into the bottle then you ensure that no CBD is wasted.
  5. Enjoy! - Sit back and enjoy the contributions that CBD brings to a healthy lifestyle.


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