Improve your morning routine with CBD

Picture this: It’s Monday, 7.30am and your alarm is blaring away next to you. Bleary eyed, you make a grab for your phone and if you’re lucky hit the snooze button to get another ten minutes of bliss. If not, then the next best thing is to make for the kettle and get some coffee down you. Sound familiar?

Many of us have a hard time functioning in the morning for two principle reasons: first, the lack of available energy from having just woken up, and second - the leering, overarching knowledge that there’s an entire new week to grind until next weekend and you’ve only just started. In fact, you haven’t even started, it’s 7 in the morning. This is the pre-start to your start.

In the first instance, coffee offers a remediable first hit of energy which will allow you to function for a couple of hours until you either crash from the lack of caffeine or its time for coffee number two. However, in any case it doesn’t offer a tenable long-term solution, let alone dealing with the second issue we’ve identified.

Thankfully there are powerful ways to boost the effectiveness of your coffee intake in the morning, alleviating both the immediate energy problem and the longer-term motivational saps that Monday mornings can bring. Taking CBD with your morning coffee may just be the smartest thing you’ll ever do, and here is why.

CBD operates broadly within its own system: the endocannabinoid system. We all have one, and among other things what this system does is regulate our mood and outlook on things. By kick-starting our day by taking CBD, we immediately give ourselves a platform to enjoy our day more, and to have a more positive outlook on the day to come. When combined with caffeine, this can make for a powerful combo: coffee is very good at one thing – giving us energy, combining the two can make for a powerful motivator and producer of productivity.

However, combining your morning coffee, known as ‘stacking’, is nothing new – in the past people have been known to stack their coffee with L-Theanine – a known calmer of the mind. CBD may also help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, allowing you to take advantage of the whirlwind of productivity your morning will now bring.

Spark up your morning by supplementing your daily wake-up routine with CBD and the positive changes that CBD can bring will make themselves evident in your day-to-day life, starting with Monday morning.


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