The Origins of 4/20

There is a lot of speculation as to how the cult phrase “4/20” began. One theory suggests that it was a police code used when there were instances of “marijuana smoking in progress” however we now know this to be false.


The most likely beginning for the phrase, attested by multiple sources is that it originated in 1971 Marin County California. A group of high school students would meet after school at 4:20pm to smoke weed together, referring to themselves as “The Waldos”. One of the members of the group, Dave Reddix, began to work as a roadie with the basis from the band Grateful Dead, who helped to popularise the 4/20 slogan that many across the world are so familiar with today.


On December 28th, 1998, a group of Grateful Dead fans handed out flyers around Oakland inviting people to come out and smoke publicly on April 20th at 4:20pm. One of the flyers got into the hands of a well revered journalist Steve Bloom from High Times magazine. The flyer was posted in the magazine and the rest as they say is history!


Now, 4/20 has become a huge event globally, with thousands and thousands of people gathering every year as a community to smoke together.


In countries such as the UK where marijuana is still illegal, many see it as a chance to speak out about the legalisation and to spread awareness on a plant whose image has inappropriately tarnished as a result of its legal status.


The tradition in London is that on the 4th of April weed smokers go to Hyde Park, relax, enjoy the weather and of course smoke weed with their friends.


It remains unlikely for the time being that cannabis will be legalised in the UK. However, increasingly law enforcement measures are becoming lax towards cannabis and its use, with suggestions of decriminalisation occurring rather than explicit legalisation.

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