What is in my CBD oil?

What is the concern?

CBD oil UK searches have increased significantly in the last two years. The CBD industry is expected to rise to a market value of £1 billion a year by 2025, and as a result many companies are seeking to enter the CBD market, leaving consumers with a predicament of too much choice.


It is incredibly important you know what is in your CBD oil for several reasons. A low-quality CBD product is of no use to anyone; it will be unenjoyable and ultimately a waste of money.


As a result buying CBD can be quite a daunting experience given the number of companies out there, the number of products available and the scaling costs of each strength. So how on earth do you know which one to choose? Lets start with the issue of what is in the CBD you are buying…


Consumers are right to be concerned. Market research commissioned by the CMC blind tested 30 products from a number of high-street CBD brands. The findings were shocking: more than half of the most popular CBD oils available on the market did not contain the level of CBD as advertised on the label. This has several consequences – for example, it means that the dosage of CBD per drop is far lower, meaning the blend will be ineffective in helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To quote a specific example, one high street pharmacy chain sold a CBD product at £50, which was found to have no Cannabidiol in at all! It only contained a carrier oil.


More alarmingly came the revelation that a number of these CBD products also had measurable levels of THC, making them technically illegal in the UK. CBD UK law requires that any CBD product does not exceed 0.2% THC in any given batch.


The recommendation therefore, is to find brands which operate off transparency. This necessarily involves the availability of oil analysis. At Lucid Hemp, our cannabidiol is rigorously screened to ensure the highest quality blend, and that certificates of analysis are made available to consumers on request, to assist in our vision of having a transparent, honest market.


What kind of strengths are realistic?


CBD strengths come in all shapes and different sized bottles. Generally, CBD oil is described in either percentages or refer to the actual quantity of CBD in the bottle. Use this table below for reference:


% Strength









In terms of how high the strength goes; you should beware of CBD brands offering incredibly high strengths and concentrations. Online we have seen strengths of up to 50% being offered, and you should be very wary of these, especially if there are no lab reports to verify these figures.


The confusion is made worse when considering that many different oils are available on the market. CBD oil should not be confused with Hemp seed oil (the exact differences between them can be read here). Additionally, within CBD oils there are a number of different types: full spectrum; broad spectrum and CBD isolate (We also cover a blog on this which you can find here).


How should I check whether a brand is legitimate and the content of my CBD then?

You should thoroughly research any brand before you decide to purchase their CBD oil. Use our list to help you:

  1. Look at their CBD extraction methods – this is incredibly important for a high-quality blend of CBD;
  2. Look at the sourcing of their product; being green is important too!
  3. Check online for reviews;
  4. Look at the website – if something doesn’t look right or is too good to be true – it probably is!
  5. Check their social media – an active and vibrant social media is only a good thing!
  6. Beware the medical claims – CBD companies cannot make medical claims about their CBD products; any that do you should err on the side of caution as they are not complying with the law.
  7. Ask for the lab reports – different CBD companies will do this in different ways; some might already have them published on their website, and others might have them available on request. Either is fine but be wary of CBD companies that do not let you inspect their lab certificates. Being compliant with the law is something they should be proud of!


So there you have it, a quick insight into how you should navigate the CBD markets to make sure you make the most out of your CBD purchase and experience.


Find out more about our products at https://www.lucidhemp.co.uk/collections/all

Live Life Lucid.


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