What is the Entourage effect?

What is the Entourage effect?

The Entourage effect is a term that is thrown around a lot alongside CBD.

 In summary, the Entourage Effect was originally coined by Israeli scientists, in order to categorise the way in which the chemical compounds found in hemp: cannabinoids, nutrients and other compounds work synergistically in the human body.

Research has demonstrated that whilst individual cannabinoids do have certain effects and benefits on the body, these compounds work synergistically to produce a stronger influence than any individual compound in the group.

Therefore, using the whole plant maximises the benefits delivered throughout the body, and can be more effective overall


What does this mean for my CBD?

The Entourage effect will only be in play when you consume the spectrum of Phyto-cannabinoids, as opposed to CBD isolate, which only consists of specific cannabinoids. To illustrate this, lets investigate the process that goes into creating a CBD product.

In order to create a CBD product, the cannabinoid content must be extracted from either Hemp or Cannabis, using methods like CO2 extraction. This process extracts cannabinoids, and other compounds such as terpenes and flavonoids. Once these have been extracted, the company dealing with the extract can decide on whether to refine the extract further to only specific cannabinoids. Broadly speaking there are three “categories” that CBD products fall into: 1. CBD Isolate; 2. Broad Spectrum; 3. Full Spectrum.

CBD Isolate – As the name implies, it just offers CBD, which is done by removing all the other naturally occurring compounds found in the plant.

Broad Spectrum –A half-way house between isolate and Full Spectrum, this will contain most of the cannabinoids, but the individual composition will depend on the extraction process.

Full Spectrum – Here the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and flavonoids are extracted from the plant, and in doing so they work together to boost the potency of the individual cannabinoids.

Whilst CBD does receive a lot of attention, its important to understand what is going on behind the scenes and the chemicals that holistically support CBD to maximise the effects, which we call the Entourage Effect.

Research shown that test subjects who were administered Full Spectrum CBD were provided with higher levels of relief, compared to subjects who were provided with CBD Isolate. Additionally, the results suggest that Full Spectrum had potent effects at higher doses.

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    I am confused on which product I will use. The first product I bought from you cost 90 pounds plus, I decided on this hoping that the more expensive it is the better the product. And how long am I supposed to use the product to achieve positive results

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