What is the correct CBD dosage for me?

A question we get asked a lot at Lucid Hemp is “How much CBD should I be taking?”

 It is a good and important question, and there is no one definitive answer. Additionally, there aren’t any official serving size suggestions yet, which can make matters more confusing.

This blog will hopefully serve as a guide for you, when you are deciding and assessing the appropriate dose for you. The short answer is that there is no one dosage that fits all.

The optimal dose will vary from individual to individual.

Several factors need to be considered when deciding on a CBD dosage. These factors include the concentration of CBD; the height and weight of the individual; the individual’s body chemistry; the quality of the CBD and the intended use for the CBD.

When you are assessing what dosage is correct for you, follow these guidelines to assist you along the way:


How to correctly assess your CBD dosage:

Consider your height and weight – A general rule of thumb is that the more body mass an individual has, the higher the dosage that is needed in order to feel the effects. This doesn’t mean that you should start taking huge amounts of CBD if you are a taller or larger individual, which leads us onto our second tip;

Start small and increase gradually – By following this, you can accurately assess your body’s reaction and tolerance to CBD and adjust accordingly. It lets you take control of the process, without any surprises. A good general guideline is to start with a few drops under the tongue, two to three times a day and see how your body tolerates it and adjust the dosing accordingly

Consider the strength of the CBD – At lucid Hemp, we currently offer three strengths of oil drops: 300mg/500mg/1000mg. The strength of your CBD is something you need to consider when deciding which dose to take. As the strengths imply, you will need fewer drops of 1000mg than you would 300mg to receive the same amount of CBD and therefore the same effect, therefore this is something you should take into consideration when dosing. Check your bottle of CBD to see how much CBD there is per drop, and that will allow you to gauge how much CBD you are consuming in a given serving.

Have you used CBD before? – If you have used CBD before then you should consider opting for a higher strength of CBD. This will offer a more potent effect without any surprises if you have previously used CBD at a lower strength. The same principles outlined in point two apply – start low with the higher strength and adjust accordingly

Desired effects - Again, this is a subjective consideration and will depend on what the individual wishes to achieve. Someone who is experienced is likely to require a higher dose than someone who is just a casual user.


There many tables and calculators accessible online which offer general guidance of dosages based on your body weight. 

Whilst these may offer general guidance, if you are unsure, ultimately you should talk to your doctor or medical professional.

It is always good to take it slowly and if you only take one thing away from this blog, it is that you should follow step 2 and start small and increase dosage gradually.


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  • John Cook On

    I have been taking CBC oil for about 6 months now and at last I have stopped taking opoids for pain.However I have made the mistake of buying the CBD oil previously of the internet and it had turned out to be Hemp oil or in fact hemp oil based. It was not until I went into a local cape shop to buy the said oil that the owner told me many companies are fooling customers into buying Hemp oil and not the Genuine CB D oil as the Hemp oil can be bought for less than half the price of the genuine oil. So is your oil genuine C B D oil please.

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