Athletes from different sports are turning to CBD oil

In July 2018, Basketball ‘BIG3’ became the first professional sports league in the United States to allow its athletes to use cannabidiol (CBD). There has been an undeniable shift in attitudes towards Cannabis usage in the sports industry, and with increasing research indicating the benefits that CBD oil can bring, more and more athletes are turning to CBD oil to support a healthy lifestyle. A good example of this would be NFL sports.

Larry Chester, a former NFL player was quoted as saying, “CBD saved my life”. Mr Chester, a former defensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins, said that seven seasons in the NFL took its toll and left him in chronic pain. This was not just physical, but he was suffering from symptoms of depression too. For two years after his retirement, the former NFL player became increasingly hostile and reclusive.

Larry was prescribed CBD by his doctor and has become a great advocate of CBD. Larry’s wife, Nicole Chester was quoted as saying, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my husband, my best friend back to me.”

Another example of an NFL player using full spectrum CBD oil would be Derrick Morgan, the line-backer for the Tennessee titans. Derrick stated that he uses CBD on a regular basis in his training regimen. Across social media platforms Derrick has also promoted the use of CBD and has spoken to other NFL players on the use.

Derrick and Larry are not alone in their discovery of CBD, both in NFL and outside. Across the sports industry, participants of all descriptions have started to use CBD as a means of relief. A good example of this is Nate Diaz, the UFC fighter. He famously vaped CBD oil during a news conference after his bout with Connor McGregor.

The research into CBD products has consistently shown benefits for those who are physically active, particularly in respect to its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. CBD oil in the UK is becoming increasingly popular, and the market for CBD products is expanding rapidly.

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