CBD and high heel pain relief

Celebrities are turning to CBD to alleviate pain caused by wearing high heels for extended periods of time. The phrase “beauty is pain” has often been used as a justification for hours of suffering as the result of wearing uncomfortable footwear for the sake of completing an outfit.

The actress Mandy Moore recently disclosed that she had been using CBD in order to alleviate the pain she was experiencing from spending hours on the red carpet. Moore stated that she began to use CBD oil on her feet at the recommendation of her stylist.

She is not alone in her usage, Olivia Wilde is also into CBD for its relaxing benefits, and Melissa McCarthy used CBD for the Oscars in order to prevent pain from high heels.

Celebrities are not the only endorsers of CBD for high heel pain, however, Dr Richard Firshein, a leading expert in integrative and precision-based medicine said, “The number one benefit of CBD I see in my patients is pain relief from aches, pains, and sprains… I have found it useful for treating a number of painful syndromes, including heel and foot pain- a particular problem for those wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes.”

 Individual reviews can be found throughout the internet, confirming the idea that CBD really can relieve foot pain.

A recent study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD had a significant effect in reducing on chronic inflammation and neuropathic pain in laboratory animals.

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