CBD Psychosis treatment - Can CBD really help?

At Lucid Hemp, we regularly research CBD lab testing, to make sure that we can provide the best quality CBD oil in the UK.

A study in 2018 conducted by Kings College London university (KCL) has found that a single dose of full spectrum CBD can help reduce brain function abnormalities. The results, which are published in JAMA Psychiatry, provides key evidence as to how Cannabis oil acts in the brain to alleviate symptoms of psychosis.

The research has shown that CBD, the second major chemical found in the cannabis plant, broadly operates in opposition to THC, suggesting a use for treatment in mental health. This was suggested by previous research from KCL; THC, the ingredient in cannabis responsible for getting users high has been correlated to the development of psychosis. THC is thought to mimic some of the effects of psychosis, while CBD has the opposite neurological and behavioural effects, inducing feelings of calmness and clarity of thought.

This is confirmed by a study published by The American Journal of Psychiatry on 15 December 2017, which showed after 6 weeks of treatment marked improvements levels of positive psychotic symptoms in subjects treated with CBD than their counterparts who were treated with a placebo. The conclusion suggested that CBD has beneficial effects in patients with schizophrenia. CBD does not interact with dopamine receptors in the same way that many other treatments depend on, which can be responsible for the side effects associated with traditional antipsychotic drugs.

The researchers from KCL studied a group of 33 young people who had not been diagnosed with psychosis but experienced distressing psychotic symptoms, along with 19 healthy controls. CBD was administered to 16 participants, while the other 17 received a placebo.

The participants were studied using an MRI scanner whilst performing a memory task which engages three regions of the brain which are known to be involved in psychosis.

The research showed that the brain activity in the participants at risk of psychosis was abnormal compared to those who were healthy. However, of the participants who were administered CBD, the abnormal brain activity was markedly less severe than those who received a placebo, suggesting that that CBD may be able to alleviate these symptoms.

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