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Though quite how this happened to me remains a mystery, my wake up this morning heralded the coming of my 25th birthday. As I move towards the latter half of my twenties (note: I staunchly emphasise I’m not in the latter half just yet), I felt it necessary to reflect on the earlier part of my twenties. I got a lot done: two degrees and half-way through my final professional qualification later, I find myself on the precipice of an entirely new chapter of my life (though hopefully not quite as tumultuous as the cliff-like imagery conjured), towards becoming a solicitor, and developing our brand of Lucid Hemp that we’ve all worked so hard for.

As I reflect on my early twenties one of the more prominent themes that I see was the high levels of anxiety I suffered throughout, and this will form the basis of my blog today. Like many, my anxiety was not always manifestly evident to others, and a lifetime of trying to cover it up meant that it would only obviously rear its ugly head in particularly anxiety inducing situations, such as examinations which required you to think on your feet, awkward social situations, fear about the future, who I was as an individual and many other experiences that I suspect most millennials will have some degree of familiarity with.

I had absolutely no idea how to control my anxiety. I found the ‘breathing’ techniques preached by self-help gurus online never really helped and found that the cause of anxiety was often too overwhelming for me to be present enough to meditate effectively.

When we started Lucid Hemp, it wasn’t just about creating a cool brand and platform to market our product on. The growing body of research showed very favourable things about CBD, particularly for anxiety and depression, as such part of it was about creating a point of access to a natural substance for people that allowed them to retake control over their anxiety and their bodies, and to prohibit these things from performing to the best of their ability. We don’t just market CBD oil, we also use it ourselves.

The effects of using CBD myself have been both subtle and obvious: In general, my mind is a lot calmer. I no longer have such explosive spiralling lines of thought; I find navigating social situations much easier and my anxiety before important moments such as exams is much lower. It is not a miracle substance: I still get nervous before exams just like most people, but it is no longer prohibitively so, all the ‘excess’ anxiety that previously stopped me from functioning properly is gone. For me that’s the important part, because CBD facilitates performance to the best of your ability, and that’s what we are hoping to provide for you here at Lucid Hemp: for you to be your best.

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