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*Due to exceptionally high demand, we have currently run out of stock on oil drops. We apologise for the delay and are expecting to be fully stocked by Friday 19th July. Any other questions please do let us know using chat support!*

Are you looking for a soothing and natural way to calm your mind? Our 500MG CBD Oil Drops are what you are looking for!

100% Premium quality guarantee. Lucid Hemp CBD Oil Drops is the purest and best tasting premium CBD oil available on the market. Our oil drops come from organically grown hemp plants and extracted in a way that maximizes the potency and purity. Quality control is our priority, which means you know that our CBD oil is safe.

At Lucid Hemp, our full spectrum 500mg CBD oil drops are created from the best organically grown hemp in Europe.Our products are extracted with supercritical COto maximise and preserve the potency of the Cannabidiol, and then distilled, winterized, separated and diluted to create a smooth, pure CBD oil. Through our careful quality control, we have created CBD oil drops you can trust as a uniquely powerful dietary supplement, giving you access to the highest quality products on the market. 

With 2.08mg of CBD per drop you are sure to enjoy the benefits CBD can offer. A common complaint amongst customers is that they have tried CBD oil in the past without positive effects. The reason for this is because not all CBD oils are the same and the quality of CBD oil impacts its efficacy.

This is why extraction methods and quality control are critical for creating a high-quality product. With Lucid Hemp, you can be assured that the oil we sell is of the highest quality on the market.

How are you sure that our oils are the best you can buy?

  • Our oil is tested and verified by independent lab for quality control
  • We source from organically-grown plants
  • No toxic substances
  • Superior extraction process

To guarantee Lucid Hemp’s oil pure quality and smooth taste, we employ the following standards:

  • We only work with Bio-certified growers. Not only is our hemp organically grown, it is bred to ensure that its CBD content far outweighs that of normal hemp.
  • We use a Supercritical CO2 extraction process because it is considerably safer and less toxic that traditional fossil fuel-based extraction, and results in a consistent, more palatable oil.
  • We distil the oil twice. First to remove terpenes, and second time to remove the lipids, bacteria, mould and solvents, which creates an odourless high value clear distillate.
  • We winterize the oil, a filtering process that crystallizes and removes fats and waxes to avoid clouding the oil at cooler temperatures.
  • We then re-introduce the terpenes, to ensure they are fully preserved and not damaged during the distillation process.
  • Finally, we dilute the oil to remove any traces of its harsh taste and create a smooth mix, consisting of olive oil and pure CBD.


All of our oils are 100% non-GMO and Organically Grown. We do not allow the use of any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, genetically modified products or growth hormones in our production process. All of our CBD oil is lab tested. We test for CBD content, other cannabinoids, contaminants, dangerous bacteria and mould and funguses to ensure both safety and quality.


All of our products are also: Kosher and Vegan friendly, Gluten and Lactose free.




Start with a few drops, 2-3 times a day. Keep under tongue for 1 minute. Max 60 drops per day. Slowly increase dosage, it differs per person.

We Recommend: 10-15 drops a day


9ml Organic Olive Oil, 1ml Cannabinoid extract

All of our products are; Kosher, Gluten free, Lactose free and Vegan friendly. They are also free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy solvents and other toxic substances.


Keep in the refrigerator, or in a dark place.

Disclaimer: Lucid hemp does not make any medical claims regarding our product. Our products are food supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

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Bev B.
United Kingdom

New Discovery

Always satisfied with this product, however this time guys I’m delighted to let you know I used it for something else.. I had a very bad glass cut to my foot that was large and deep! Decided to use the oil on the open wound and within a week it had healed

George T.
United Kingdom

Oil drops

Excellent product and service

Miranda N.
United Kingdom


Love this product! Helped me focus on getting my coursework done and eased my anxiety during exam season all whilst allowing me a peaceful nights sleep! Would really recommend to any other students struggling with anxiety and lack of sleep during the semester.

Bev B.
United Kingdom

CBD oil drops 500 mg

So if you haven’t used CBD oil before, try the lowest dosage first. I only use this once/twice a week because my body is used to it. Nobody gets used to the taste but the benefits outway that. This product is good quality/consistency and well priced. I’ve used CBD for years, these guys are now my ‘go to guys’ for oil


Jet lag and sleep aid

So I tried the 300ml for my skin and anxiety and thought I'd try a 500ml on a long haul holiday. I had 1 drop before going to sleep and another if I woke up (time difference issues). It was amazing. I didn't waste a single day of my holiday due to jet lag, if I woke up 1 drop would get be back to sleep and I would awake refreshed and ready for the day. What a find!